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Welcome to Belfast Balloons

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21st Birthday balloon bouquets for FlyBe at Be...
Image by Jim Campbell’s Photos via Flickr

Hello and welcome to our new web site, this site Belfast Balloons is not designed to give you all of the information you need here but it is designed to direct you to our main website at  We found that some people who were looking for Balloons in Belfast or information about them were finding it hard to locate suitable websites, so we have created this site to help our clients to find us on the web.

We specialise in providing personalised printed balloons for use in promotional work, social occasions and also formal occasions, we can print the balloons to your specifications and can include text, logos, and to a certain extent photos.  The balloons can be provided to you flat for you to do your own thing with or to take to your favourite balloon decor professional or we can inflate the balloons for you for your promotion or occasion.

Printed balloons for Aoifes birthday

Aoife’s 6th birthday party in the Kilolgan Castle

Printed balloons to advertise the Spelga 0% fat

Printed balloons for Mia's 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Mia’s








Personalised printed balloons can be used effectively for many types of occasions such as promotional work, formal occasions, and social occasions.

Promotional Work would include events such as shop openings, product launches, sale promotions, Prize giveaways, Shopping mall promotions, general advertising etc.

Balloons for the NI 2012

Proud to print balloons for NI 2012

For the Happiness Station ice cream bar

Printed for the Happiness ice cream stations

Printed balloons for the welcoming the Olympic Torch








Formal Occasions would include events such as weddings, engagements, anniversary parties, christenings, prize givings, Company dinners, and lots of other events where formal balloon decor is appropriate

Balloon decoration for a wedding

Balloon decoration for a formal party

Balloon decoration to bighten up the venue







Social Occasions can include any of the events from the Formal category if they aren’t quite as ‘well’ formal, they would also include things like Christmas parties, works do’s kids birthdays, pretty much anything where you want a few balloons here and there and don’t want to go to the bother or expense of having proper formal balloon decor created.

Helium balloon on the ceiling and 6 number foils

String of pearl arch and a 1 foil for a first birthdday

Balloon for tables and a personlised banner








So if you are in Belfast (or anywhere else for that matter) and need some balloons, whether plain or personalised then pop over to our main site and check us out.

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